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Play new game for free online at our website As other games on our website, you can play this game in your browser, your mobile and enjoy it for free as well. As you know, this is an io game type. In this game, you have mission to collect the apple and diamonds appearing on the map to get the coins. If you take more apple and diamond, you will have more experience for them and thanks to apples you can restore health. Moreover, you must be attracted to this game. You need to scatter around dynamite pieces, shoot arrows, attack with a sword, shoot fireballs and many other weapons to destroy rivals, and then take their experience to yourself. , which s you can kill and restore his health.

Each level passes, you get more points and health thanks to apples and diamonds but you are more easy to be attacked by your enemies. You must make carefully with them. You can undermine your own checker as well, then you can throw 3 pieces at once. You can use the different helmets to protect you such as wooden, iron, gold, diamond and trolley. You will put them on or sit in the trolley to be more protected. Please remember that Apple and Diamonds are appeared at all time and at anywhere, you mút make notice and collect all of them

How to play

You must use your mouse to control your character and collect the apple and diamonds.