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Kazap.io Description

Play new game Kazap.io for free online at our website Iogamescom.com. It is a fast-action 2D dogfighting game where you collect energy to grow in power. In this game, you will join your friends to take down larger players quickly, or test your skills as a lone wolf and survive as long as possible! Your task in this game is to find and collect energy all over the map.The red colour is symbol around your screen, indicate that your enemy is coming your way. When you finish Airplane flying skills, you can follow other players even large one. When you are small, you will be fast but you have low heath. You will be die by hit from any other enemy. However, if you get close, you can break with the right speed of fire. Approach carefully, weave around the fire, and use the boost to get in close enough.

How to play Kazap.io

Use your keyboard to control your ship. It controls much like an asteroids game with the addition of braking and super-boost. The left and right arrows keys, as well as the W and D keys rotate you left and right. The up arrow key and W fire your thrusters. Down Arrow and S to reverse thrust. K or X to fire your weapon. Spacebar is to boost. Z or L is to hit the brakes and stop, and turn slower.