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About game

Play new game for free online at our website As other games on our website you can play this game in your browser your mobile and enjoy it for free as well. As you know, it is an io game and your task is here to run, quick fire, frenzied, 3rd-person shooter game. You must your opponents, level up, unlock new gear and customize your character. Please try to become #1 and win in this game. I hope that you will like this game and come back here to play more game. Besides it, we have many other io games and you can enjoy them for free. Have fun!

How To Play game

MOVE :: [WASD] or [Arrow] Keys
SPRINT :: Hold [Shift] Key
AIM + ATTACK :: Mouse + Left Click
ZOOM :: Mouse Right Click or [SPACE] Key
RELOAD :: [R] Key
EQUIP :: [E] Key
DROP :: [G] Key