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Play new game for free online at our website As other games on our website, you can play this game in your browser, your mobile and enjoy it for free as well. As you know, this game is a new Battle Royale IO Game. Here you must loot other players, build a base, farm materials, kill your opponents & avoid the storm. Please try to be strong and win. You must fight your opponents, outplay them, and become the ultimate Krunt

How To Play

You will use keyboard to play this game such as:
E - Interact with ground items, chests and cars
Left click - Shoot your weapon
Q - Toggle build mode to build walls (you will need to use your left click to build the wall)
Space - Jump over mostly everything in the map! You can even jump through houses
Shift - Sprint
R - Reload your weapon
M - View the map and plan for the zone closing in
From 1 to 6 - Switch guns, you can also switch your guns with the wheel of your mouse
Drop & move your inventory - You only need to click the gun and move it where you want.