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New game is free online at our website As we know, Panzer is a brand new tank game coming into the io genre. You will play this game as a 3D style tank in a worn down wnvironment, defend yourself against the AI soldiers attacking your tank as well as enemy players. You will start to choose from several tanks all with different stats and get straight into battle. As you defeat opponents in Panzer you’ll gradually earn yourself some XP which goes towards level ups, to my knowledge these level ups don’t give you any benefits but I assume something will be done about this as the game develops. You must remember that you do not have unlimited ammo here like most tank games so make sure to keep track with the indicator shown on the bottom left of your screen. You are however able to pick up both ammo and health packs from killing soldiers. This pick up will only occur every so often though so if you’re low on ammunition be sure to conserve it or use your secondary weapon

Control for

Mouse to play this game.